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Ocula is an energetic and creative motion graphics company with a passion for visual design. Since the inception of our digital animation studio in 2007, we have prided ourselves in creating interesting and compelling styles and have worked with visionary clients across the globe.

Our mission is to explore the field of digital creativity and push the boundaries of commercial communication in a variety of areas. Our team has won the acclaim of a broad range of clients and our goal is to create fresh and invigorating work for every client, big or small.

If you are an individual, a company or an agency, get in touch, we are always happy to discuss your ideas.

We create…

Motion Graphics
Design Based Visual FX
Abstract Visualisation
Architectural Visualisation
Concept Artwork and Illustration
Digital Animation


Ocula is an experimental and inventive motion graphics company focused on combining technology, design and art to create moving images that inspire.  We are innovators and creatives, using the latest procedural and generative techniques and pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of mathematics and design programming to create Motion Graphics and visual FX.

We work to tell stories, visual stories in digital animation and motion graphics.  At our animation studio we do this with a combination of skills in architectural visualisation, information graphics and experimental generative art.  We work to bring your messages to life and there is no better way to tell your story than an animation produced here at Ocula.

Find out more about our motion graphics production services and view our recent work or contact us to learn how we can work with you to engage your customers like never before.


We work with some of the industry’s leading technology companies and have many year’s experience delivering high quality, bespoke presentations that have been presented across the world.

The virtual tours and marketing presentations we create are a powerful tool, bringing these buildings to life and helping not only to promote them but to educate potential customers about the huge benefits these buildings and services can offer.
Find out more about our data center videos and view our recent work or contact us to see how your next launch can benefit from the high-quality services we offer.


Ocula animation studio has a lot of talent when it comes to Architectural Visualisation and we have been creating illustrations and animations for both architects and developers since 2001. We are specialists in creating high quality photo-realistic images and walkthrough animations that are used for planning applications and marketing material and we can help a project from conception through to sale.

For us, no project is too big or too small and we give 100% to each and every project we work on. Find out more about our architectural visualisation services and view recent work or contact us to learn how Ocula can help bring your designs to life.


Ocula supply professional digital illustration and graphic design services to a number of top UK and international companies for a huge variety of uses. From the earliest days of the company we have produced illustrations for high profile marketing campaigns, for set designs, new product visualisation and concept illustrations.

Our work with The Future Laboratory has led us to conceive the near future in 3D images for some great brands including John Lewis, Colgate, Kodak and Orange. We have also worked alongside CityID to produce wayfinding images for map projects in the UK and Russia.


We have a passion for film and video, whether you are thinking about commissioning a promotional film for your business or are interested in video production for broadcast then we would love to hear from you.


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