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Ocula is a digital communication agency specialising in 3D animation & motion graphics.

We have extensive experience in creating compelling and informative presentations for clients around the globe and have created work for a number of global brands including Microsoft, Hargreaves Lansdown, The Discovery Channel, Quickfire Media and others.

We are experts in creating Data Center tours and have produced presentations which are used all over Europe, the US and Latin America. In the last 6 years we have created Ten similar Data Center presentations for global clients including Sabey, Equinix, CME Group and CTEX Curaçao.

All of this work is conceived and rendered in-house on our dedicated render farm.

We are extremely passionate about motion graphics and we are dedicated to pushing the limits of our knowledge and expertise to create ever more interesting images. You can keep up with our experimentation and conceptual work by following us on Instagram or Vimeo, the latest of which is available to review below.