The Seven Principles of Making Motion Graphics

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Motion graphics are extremely powerful visual communication tools, however, their production requires a complex skill set. Unlike traditional ‘live film’, not anyone can create motion graphics. Even those who can

How to Use and Activate Motion Graphics Videos in Your Marketing

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There’s no getting around it. By now, using video for your online marketing campaigns has moved from an optional tactic to an essential strategy. In fact, marketers get 66% more

Heading to SWSX: The Ocula Round Up

The South By Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festival is one of the largest global gatherings of creative minds every year. This sprawling festival in Austin, Texas caters to the audiences

Why You Should Be Using Motion Graphics in Your Content Marketing

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We’ve all been there. You’re aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook feeds, when a short video titled “Life Changing Hacks” catches your eye. Who doesn’t want to improve their

The Best Motion Graphics Campaigns of 2017

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In his 1996 essay, Content is King, Bill Gates predicted that content would be the driving force of the internet and needless to say, he was correct. Nearly two decades

Why is Architectural Visualisation So Important To New Developments?

Motion graphics—basically, graphics in movement—is the application of space, dimension, and time to graphic elements. The process turns what was once static content into moving pieces. Although its roots trace

The Art of Rendering: 5 Most Popular Architectural Visualization Styles

With the aid of developments in CGI technology, architectural visualisation has evolved over the years from hand-drawn blueprints and sketches to impressively realistic digital artform. In its early stages, CGI

The Dos and Don’ts of Architectural Visualisation

Human beings have been building shelters since the earliest prehistoric period. While our ancestors built theirs out of twigs, leaves and grass, arguably, the same principles of communicating design and

10 Advantages of Using Houdini for Motion Graphics

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Houdini, created by Toronto-based SideFX, is a full 3D software package that can perform animating, modelling, dynamic simulations, rendering, and composting. It continues to have a growing user base in

An Introduction to Motion Graphics Software

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From flying logos to animated shapes to full-length feature films, motion graphics have become widely used today. It does not come as a surprise then that business owners are also