Digital Illustration and Graphic Design Agency

With the ability to create photorealistic and highly stylised digital illustrations, Ocula can provide artwork assistance to virtually any campaign or project. The assets we generate in the illustration process can be reused in a number of ways, from storyboards and animations to interactive presentations and marketing materials.

Digital Illustration Services for any Application

Our professional team of illustrators are exemplary artists as much as they are skilled technicians. Working with such a talented team has allowed us to grow into a very versatile digital illustration agency and apply our tools and our talent to practically any application.

Our digital illustration can be used widely as artwork or product visuals for advertising campaigns, as well as applications such as 3D mapping and architectural layouts.

Investing in the Future of Digital Illustration and Design

We believe that in an industry that is continually evolving, staying ahead of the curve is the only way to be. It’s why we invest in the future, by making sure our team are always in the loop when it comes to new digital illustration techniques.

We also invest in the tools and technology to empower our team of Bristol based digital illustrators. This isn’t just about future proofing what we do, but about creating digital illustration and animation that is as pixel perfect as it is functional and professional.

A Digital Illustration Agency for the World’s Biggest Brands

Ocula has been supplying professional digital illustration and graphic design services to some of the biggest national and international brands for many years. From the earliest days of the company, we have produced illustrations for high profile marketing campaigns, for set designs, new product visualisation and concept illustrations.

Our work has been used in a huge variety of applications, across a variety of industries. Our recent work with Future Labs, for example, led us to conceive the near future in 3D images for John Lewis, Colgate, Kodak and Orange.

Client Testimonial

“Great teamwork, great guys, prices that are fair, affordable, and make your company look what you want it to be… exceptional.”

Nigel Gifford OBE CPEng(Aero) Windhorse Aerospace

Examples Of Our Digital Illustration Work

Our Digital Illustration Services

3D Maps

We can create detailed and beautiful 3D maps. In the past, we have worked with CityID in Bristol and DOT in Moscow to produce highly stylised illustrations of many of the major landmarks in Birmingham, Bristol and Moscow. These illustrations were then used on Totems and maps as part of the city branding.

Architectural Visualisation

Our digital illustration service allows us to create architectural animations for a variety of applications; from planning applications to marketing and public information services. We have the in-house capacity and experience to work alongside architects, developers as well as housing companies and builders, on projects both large and small.

Product Visualisations

At Ocula we can create photorealistic 3D images of any type of product, whether it be for educational and marketing purposes. From concept through to execution, we have the capacity and the skills to get the work done on time and on budget every time. Our work with Epoch/Oral B, creating graphics for a new store and product design, showcases our expertise in this field.

Concept Illustrations

Our graphic designers can create illustrations and images to showcase practically any idea or concept, helping elevate your pitch to the next level. Our work with The Future Laboratory saw us produce concept illustrations for the likes of Kodak and John Lewis amongst others and demonstrates our huge skill and experience in the field of graphic design.

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