Motion Graphics & Digital Animation Production Agency

At Ocula, we bring together cutting edge technology and world leading animation design to create moving images that are truly inspirational to behold.

Spellbinding Motion Graphics Productions that Stick in the Mind

Our experimental and inventive approach to visual FX and artistic styling means we can create bold and unforgettable motion graphics, enabling you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

As well as a formidable knowledge of mathematics and design programming our team of designers and animators are all talented innovators and creatives in their own right. By combining the latest procedural and generative techniques with this imaginative flair, we are able to push the boundaries in cutting-edge design and visual FX.

Distilling any Brand Message with Digital Animation

At Ocula, no industry sector is too technical and no marketing message too obscure not to benefit from our beautifully crafted motion graphics. We can distill any marketing message or concept using motion graphics to create glorious slices of visual candy that will draw audiences to your brand.

We work with some of the world’s leading global data centres, medical equipment manufacturers and broadcasters, using motion graphics to promote their services and visualise what they do and how they do it. From rendering the earth in 3D to visualising biological, molecular or chemical processes, we bring concepts and abstractions to life in new and exciting ways.

Powerful Digital Technology at your Fingertips

We have the technology and the talent to create a whole range of animated styles and video types, from animated point of sale (POS) graphics to VR video tours.

We can also amalgamate motion graphics with our video production to deliver media rich professional productions. All of these services are created in-house, meaning we have full editorial control and can keep costs as low as possible.

Expertly crafted animation can really bring that wow factor to your video marketing, conveying your core messaging or company vision with impeccable clarity and slick professionalism.

Client Testimonial

“Great teamwork, great guys, prices that are fair, affordable, and make your company look what you want it to be… exceptional.”

Nigel Gifford OBE CPEng(Aero) Windhorse Aerospace

Examples of our Motion Graphics Work

Our Motion Graphics and Animation Services

Broadcast Graphics

We have the skills and experience to create compelling broadcast graphics, utilising a range of techniques including compositing, keying, motion tracking and VFX.

Map Graphics

We have worked with Tigress and Quickfire media to create map assets for well-known brands and broadcasters, including Channel 5 and the Discovery Channel.

Title Sequence

Bringing together our motion graphics and VFX we can create impressive and memorable title sequences for virtually any media, platform or application.

Medical Animation / MOA Presentation

We have experience in creating intricate medical and mode of action (MOA) animations, using 3D techniques. This includes demonstrating the use of PCSK9 in combatting LDL and complement-dependent cytotoxicity.

3D Animation

Any subject can benefit from the use of moving images. Our talented team of animators have the tools and talent to create bold and breathtaking 3D motion graphics for practically any application.

Design Based Visual FX

Our motion graphics production team are all highly skilled designers and work with the latest in VFX software. The result is design based visual FX that will simply blow you and your audience away.

Store Walkthroughs / Data Center Presentation

A virtual tour can help explain and educate conceptual or existing ideas. We have the in-house experience to create powerful motion graphics that insightfully demonstrate new shop designs or cutting-edge data centres to your clients and customers.

Animated Infographics / Explainer videos

Sometimes it’s just not practical (or safe) to climb into an oil refinery or generator and start filming. We can help you overcome this problem by animating an exploded view, or showing simulated forces and elements interacting with your design.

Corporate Animated Video

An animation is a powerful and versatile way of building your brand image or launching a new marketing campaign. With your imagination the only constraint, we can bring practically any idea to life in a polished and professional animated corporate video.

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