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Curaçao Technology Exchange NV (Ctex)

As part of Ctex’s global marketing campaign, they needed a Data Center marketing film designed and produced to promote the first of the four buildings, and showcase the services it will offer.

Despite the obvious barrier of distance and two different time zones, we were able to deliver exactly what Ctex wanted – on time and on budget. During this project, we developed a really great working relationship with the team based in Curaçao.

“Curaçao Technology Exchange N.V. (CTEX) had the pleasure of working with Ocula on the creation of a virtual tour of our Tier-IV Data Center, the most advanced Data Center in the region. We needed a design partner that understands the complexity of our designs and could help us convey the various strengths of our facility and services. Prior to contacting Ocula, we had done extensive research on experts in the field and had no doubt that this team was best partner for the job. Not only did they follow our vision to the detail, but the additional suggestions given exceeded our expectations. Their attention to detail, speed, availability and professionalism throughout the entire process ensured perfection in the final product. Thank you Ocula.”

Germaine Gibbs – Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Curaçao Technology Exchange NV (Ctex)

See some example images from the presentation below:

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