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PCSK9 – MOA animated video

Advances in computing, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scanners have revolutionised modern medicine – almost all surgery and cancer treatment in the developed world relies on it. The various methods of gathering data are now so advanced that a commercial CT scanner can take 320 slice volumes in a single second – enough to make a 3D video of a beating heart.

Visually representing all this newfound information is an art form in itself. With biological, molecular or chemical data there are many different levels of detail, interaction and complexity that can be visualised in numerous different ways; we have experience and understanding within this field, generating methods for portraying these complex processes and interactions on a molecular level in a succinct manner that is immediately understandable to both the highly educated medical professional and the casual viewer.

We take the sterile and complex data and make intelligent creative and aesthetic decisions to convert it into an attractive and communicative animation. Something that could be seen as a bewildering and convoluted technical subject is transformed into an enjoyable and educational visual experience.

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