How to Use and Activate Motion Graphics Videos in Your Marketing

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How to Use and Activate Motion Graphics Videos in Your Marketing

There’s no getting around it.

By now, using video for your online marketing campaigns has moved from an optional tactic to an essential strategy.

In fact, marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and achieve 54% increase in brand awareness when using videos. On top of that, 83% of business owners believe that video gives them good ROI.

But you, as a savvy business owner, already know this.

Perhaps, in your bid to stand out from the crowd, you even had a motion graphics video made for you.

However, that same video currently sits at your marketing backburner because you don’t know how to utilise it well.

Or worse, you have an explainer video made, but rather than embedding it on your website, you just linked it to an offsite video sharing platform like Vimeo.

By doing this, you are missing out on all the benefits that an onsite video can bring.

What is Video Activation?

In marketing, activation refers to the process of executing elements (e.g. promotion, product, price, place) of your campaign to get better results. Its goal is to enhance the process of purchasing by connecting your brand to your customers (a.k.a. brand activation) or generating immediate sales (a.k.a. activation).

Online videos greatly contribute to marketing activation, especially now that this medium is on its way to dominating 79% of global internet traffic.

While it’s not a guarantee of virality, it does capture and hold the attention of your audience well. When done right, it’s even powerful enough to drive them to purchase.

That said, your motion graphic video will be even more effective if you know how to use it.

How To Effectively Use Your Motion Graphics Video

Videos provide content that is more immediate than text and more complete than photos. With this medium, you can reach a wider audience and create emotions in your prospects, which would then compel them to purchase or follow your brand.

Before you decide to let your motion graphic videos stay in Vimeo/YouTube purgatory forever, here are ways you can put those videos to good use:

1. Improve your landing pages

If you invest in online advertising, then you have a dedicated landing page to lead customers further down the funnel. But if your landing page is not giving you the numbers that would make your bottom-line happy, try embedding your motion graphics video on it.

Thanks to its highly engaging nature, videos can, in fact, increase your landing page’s conversion rate by 80%, Instead of letting your video stay on Vimeo and wait until people discover it, put it on your landing page where your target audience is more likely to see.

Pro tip: Instead of hard selling, make sure your video focuses more on the story around your service or product. Remember that people are inundated by sales clutter every day; you would want your brand to rise above that noise.

2. Reach mobile customers

Almost half (49.74%) of webpage views worldwide is done via people’s mobile devices. This number is projected to increase sevenfold by 2021.

On top of that, 90% of consumers watch videos on their phones or tablets. YouTube, with its one billion users, even reports that more than half of their viewers are on mobile devices.

These numbers are vital to your business since they imply that traditional content is not as effective anymore. People prefer shorter, on-demand information in the form of videos, making it a challenge for marketers to have their audience read long sales pitches or blog posts.

So instead of focusing on written text or infographics (although these are still valuable), you can use motion graphics videos to reach the mobile-loving segment of your demographic. You can create ads, explainer videos, or product demos to hook them.

3. Demonstrate your products

It’s a challenge to show to your prospects how your product works just by using written content with accompanying images. Keep in mind that people’s attention spans are dwindling; unless you write a highly-engaging copy, they might lose interest halfway through your long-form content.

However, consider these numbers:

Videos help your customers get a clearer idea of how your product functions. It can even decrease the number of customer queries since all the information they need would be in the video.

Animated videos are especially helpful for companies that deal with hard data, such as SaaS companies, financial companies, or IT firms. Videos make abstract and data-driven concepts easier to digest in a more straightforward but compelling way.

4. Provide educational content

An MIT study shows that the human brain can process images that they saw for as little as 13 milliseconds. This is something that written content cannot accomplish, so take advantage of it.

Whether you are providing a practical guide or a thought leadership piece, you can use motion graphic videos to establish your authority in your field. You can even combine your video with various styles like cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, or 3D animation.

The best part about it is that the more valuable your videos are, the better your content marketing gets. (Click here for our guide on how animated videos can help your content marketing campaigns.)

Moreover, search engines favour web pages with videos embedded in them. So much so, in fact, that your website is 55 times more likely to show up on the first page of the SERPs, if you have videos on your website.

Pro tip: To make sure that your video is properly optimised, host it first on your domain before uploading on other platforms. You should also enable embedding and avail of video sitemaps. Lastly, include relevant keywords on your descriptions, as this would help Google crawl your website.

5. Provide entertaining videos

Customers would love it if you can also show your brand’s human side. Although you may be on the other end of the screen, creating motion videos that humanize your brand would improve their perception of your service.

Do not be afraid to use humour in your motion graphic videos. In fact, Founder and CTO of Hubspot Dharmesh Shah believes that videos that are “pure marketing puff pieces” will not reach a wide audience. Audiences prefer an alternative to their serious 9-to-5 jobs, so feel free to lighten up on your content. However, do still stay within professional bounds.

6. Engage better on social media

The online audience loves to share. And it’s not just cat videos and all things DIY that they love, a study shows that 83% of consumers would not mind sharing your brand’s video if they enjoy watching it.

Video content also continue to dominate social media, as YouTube boasts of five billion daily views, Facebook has 500 million people watching videos every day, 82% of Twitter’s audience also consume video content, and Snapchat generates 10 billion video views per day.

The better your video content is, the more likely it would get shared on social platforms. In fact, before 2017 ended, Facebook introduced an algorithm update that favours high-quality video content “that people actively want to watch.” This is the best time to move in with your motion graphic videos, as this recent update would spell the end of the clickbait era.

Make The Best Of Your Motion Graphics Videos

While traditional marketing instruments like billboards and posters remain effective on the streets, videos dominate the internet. This strategy has been on the rise over the past few years and it will continue on its upward trajectory this year.

But with so many videos published per day, you need to make sure that yours stand out. Motion graphics videos can help you accomplish that. This medium is the perfect mix of creativity, high-visual power, and eye-catching animation that makes it compelling and engaging for the tech-inundated online audience.

If you need more motion graphic videos for your website, let us know and we will create animated videos that would make your brand stick in the minds of your prospects.